Why EEPros Gives

Why EEPros Giving Campaign?

The EEPros Giving Campaign gives your organization a straightforward, simple and reliable way to raise funds for ANY size campaign!

Everything from us is free, including starting your campaign, customized marketing materials and website. Raise money with no risk.

2. High Profit from all products
Your organization keeps 50% of every order and we drive the success of your campaign quickly and efficiently.

3. Irresistible Savings
Everyone loves being able to save money. The benefits of LED bulbs include a reduce in energy consumption and your energy bill! Not only will you benefit from this campaign but your supporters will earn their money back in less than a year due to energy savings. The more they donate. The more they save!

4. Environmentally Valuable
Taking care of the environment is a responsibility we should all take seriously. Our LED Lightbulbs are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, contain no toxic elements (which means no toxic waste) and the life span of LED lights lasts up to ten times longer than traditional lights.

5. Simplicity
Your organization will love the simplicity of our Giving Campaign. A manageable list of products with unit pricing starting at $20 so your organization can achieve higher earnings per order. Our start-to-finish campaign guides and marketing materials will keep your campaign on track and our EEPros Gives Team will provide the support you need!

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